IT Consulting Services

We've been around long enough to know that the technology industry is filled with companies willing to promise the moon and seldom delivering.  

So we're not going to lead you on with expectations that we can never fulfill.  What we will do is listen, and provide solid advise, based on years of experience.


Where we may be able to help


Office Moves

Arranging safe transportation to new premises.
Network infrastructure configuration and testing in the new office environment
Migration of existing broadband and VoIP services to a new office location


Network Security

Enterprise-grade firewall solutions for small business
Site-to-site VPN connectivity
AntiVirus & AntiSpam Solutions


Server Upgrades & Virtualization

Migration from ageing servers to the current generation 
Consolidation of server infrastructure to a virtual machine environment.
Overall Cost reductions and increased efficiencies


The 'Cloud'

Migration of existing IT infrastructure to the cloud.
Retiring existing server hardware and replacing with a virtual desktop environment


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